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Now, more than ever, the world needs the power of play to overcome challenges, discover opportunities, and connect with others. 

This week long Virtual Play Week is an opportunity for your employees to take a break from their work and to ignite their latent creativity.

Throughout Virtual Play Week participants can join live events via Zoom and explore our digital playgrounds with our network of Serious Play facilitators. Within the Virtual Playground, there are exciting and surprising challenges designed to foster a playful and collaborative mindset.


90 mins per day over 5 days

Content Highlights:
Program Outline:
90 mins x 5 days  (7.5 hours)

Day 1 - Firing Up our Creative Spirit

Day 2 - Where we want to put our Innovation Attention 

Day 3 - Rapid Fire Ideation

Day 4 - Filtering and Making sense of ideas

Day 5 - Driving a Culture of Collaboration

Virtual LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Experience (90 min)

In-person session with pax in multiples of 10. Large scale events possible with extra facilitation

A half or full day dedicated to creative collaboration through productive play. A great way to drive participation and 
engagement around Innovation and key Innovation Challenge areas.

Program Outline:

10 mins - Welcome

15 mins - ​Context: What Innovation work needs

15 mins - Set up the Process and Challenges

120 mins - Experiential Innovation Dash - Using Serious Play methods for Empathy, Defining Challenge, Ideation and Prototyping

30 mins -Sharing Ideas

10 mins - Reflection

Past Innovation Play Days
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