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Teams race around the "Amazing Ways of Innovators" Miro board completing challenges and modelling key Innovation behaviours. 

The goal is to get to the finish line ahead of the other teams, and rapidly acquire some Miro skills along the way.


70 minute virtual experience

up to 100 pax

How does it Work?

Everyone is allocated to a random group of 5-7 people, team members work together within Zoom breakout rooms to solve challenges at each pitstop.


We all start at the same point on the Map. At each pitstop there is a challenge to complete that corresponds with one of the Amazing Ways of Innovators. Once a challenge is successfully completed, teams are directed to the next pitstop.


If team require help: They place a post-it (with their breakout room number) on Help Island (Pulau Ubin on the Map). The facilitators will then join your breakout to provide assistance.


Finishing the Race:

Teams must get to the finish line ahead of all other teams! Breakouts will all be closed after 40 minutes of race time or when we have 3 finishers.

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