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Play is the Future of Work! 

Play is no longer a distraction to work, but a necessary component at work that can provide surprising benefits to productivity and creativity.

Experience the ground-breaking ‘Play’ methodology: LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®! This methodology was created by the LEGO® Group more than 20 years ago to enable leaders organisations to develop their imagination. Leaders who have trained under this methodology have seen positive and unexpected outcomes displaying depth of ideas, innovation and creativity, resulting in increased engagement from employees in organisational initiatives.


90 minute webinar

Content Highlights:
Program Outline:

10 mins - Join Webinar / Intro

10 mins - ​Context: Why Play is the future of Work

60 mins - LEGO Serious Play Experience

10 mins - More about LSP Application areas in the workplace


In-person session with up to 40 pax

Past Play@Work Events
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