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Is Play is the Future of Work?

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

by Angela Koch, Chief Ideas Facilitator, Invitro Innovation

If the Future of Work requires that we Create New Futures not just tinker with the Status Quo, then it is our belief that Play is not a distraction to work, but a necessary component to productivity.

There are two distinctly different Worlds of Work: Efficiency & Creativity.

Efficiency is:

• Routine

• Analytical

• Objective

• Time constrained

• which produces Predictable Outcomes

Creativity involves:

· Exploration

• Imagination

• Subjectivity

• Effort where Impact is difficult to predict

• which produces Breakthrough Thinking

The world of work has been finely tuned over the decades to deliver well on delivering Efficiency. However as organisation’s demand greater Innovation output from their workers, typical Efficiency mode is unable to deliver. Modes of Work which include mostly text based communications, back to back meetings and time pressure are not well suited to deliver Creative outputs. To move from pursuits of Efficiency to Creating New Futures we must find opportunities to switch out of Work Mode to more Creative Modes which allow for Exploration and Experimentation, we call this mode Productive Play.

One such methodology that can help employees embrace the benefits of productive play is LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. The methodology was developed by the LEGO Company in the mid 1990’s to invite greater Participation and Imagination in Strategy Making. The Colourful Bricks And 3D LEGO Models put Participants in Playmode so they can Tinker with Imagined Futures and engage in Serious conversations. A LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® experience is Immersive with Participants bringing 100% Engagement and Ownership to Solutions. Organisations now have access to this ground-breaking methodology through a pool of Certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitators who operate across the world.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Applications fall into two broad areas:

A) IDENTITY - What is our company, brand or team identity?

B) STRATEGY- What future do we want to create?

How do we get to that future state?

Which customer should we serve?

What experience should we create?

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