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Why this course?


What do high performers, great leaders & superheroes have in common?  They all have Clarity of Purpose.  


Sometimes we can get lost in the day-to-day demands of work and start to wonder: “Why am I here? What really gives my life meaning and joy?” Play with Purpose © answers those questions through a creative methodology. 


Rapid, constant change brings out feelings of uncertainty. Millennials in the workforce and new ways of working are demanding for deeper meaning and more flexibility. The future is Purpose – it is at the heart of resilience, collaboration, leadership and innovation. 



  • Understand how a sense of purpose can help you in times of change and uncertainty

  • Identify the building blocks of what gives you meaning and joy and clarify your own Why beyond numbers and systems

  • Explore ways on how you can bring your Purpose to life at work, at home and everywhere in between

  • Play with Possibilities now that you know your Purpose


Online Learning - 8 hours in 2 installments across a day

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Individual contributors, managers and leaders who want a purpose-led career and life

  • To explore purpose in a creative way

  • To enable participants to feel empowered,  engaged and energised in their career and their life despite challenges

  • To find synergy in diversity 


  • What is Purpose? Why is it so important in these times of change and uncertainty?

  • What are the Building Blocks of my Purpose? Exploring through your own Hero’s Journey and Lego Serious Play &/or Art

  • Drafting my Purpose Statement

Bringing my Purpose to Life
  • How can I bring my Purpose to life day-to-day, at work and outside of work?

  • How can I align my Purpose with my team and organisation’s Purpose?

  • How can I play with possibilities?


Diana Jean (DJ) Reyes is a seasoned Career Coach and Leadership Development and Team Culture Facilitator.  


She has delivered workshops in her inimitable, enthusiastic style, in Asia extensively and as far afield as Australia, Europe, North America, Middle East and Africa. Her credentials and certifications include Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Career Power ® for Managers, Appreciative Inquiry, Insights Discovery Profiling ®, LEGO® Serious Play® and The Mind Gym. She holds an MBA from the University of Hawaii-Manoa, with High Distinction. 


DJ’s most recent adventure was completing the 800-kilometer Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage in 33 days which led her to her renewed purpose: “To grow the Alive Tribe and live each day as a Pilgrim of Joy.”


“ Play with Purpose is a highly unique programme and one that really changes lives. There aren't many programmes that I've come across that combines Lego with identifying one's purpose. I had so much fun and beyond that, had amazing insights on what my purpose was. It was also very engaging being able to share this with others and to gain their perspectives so that I could truly craft my purpose statement. Lego made it all the more simple and fun. I just allowed my hands to do the thinking!” 

Priya Thillainathan, Regional People Operations Business Partner

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